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Welcome to the Universe Adventurers.

You all come from different backgrounds and you all are looking for different goals. Some are from the dregs of society, and some are noble Jedi looking to make the galaxy better for all, and even some were born to riches looking to spend money. Being as that may you all have come together to leave your imprint on the galaxy for better or worse the only people you can trust is the ones you are sitting next to on the ship.

In the past few years turmoil as taken over the galaxy. An unknown force has enter the the far end of the galaxy. As system after system fall from the Republic the core worlds start to fear the worse. Any ships that enter the outer rim is never seen again and all communications have been blocked. The Great Senate has looked to the Jedi for help and have turned over control of the military to the Great Counsel.

A new type of Jedi has been formed by the counsel, the Jedi Shadow. The Shadows walk a fine line between the light and dark working their way out into the rim to seek out answers.

Home Page

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